Oxygense - Early Detection of Shock

Oxygense -
    developing a predictive system for better acute trauma care. 

Oxygense's simple monitoring system is able to give real-time measurements of oxygen pressure and carbon dioxide pressure in peripheral tissue. These measurements can be used to:

1)  predict early onset of hemorrhagic shock,
2) quantify efficacy of cardiac resuscitation, and
3)  improve standard of care for the critically ill. 

The Oxygense technology is an innovative new technology that will allow clinicians to objectively evaluate their patients’ individual likelihood of multiorgan failure.  Independent research shows the promise of an objective method of monitoring oxygen and carbon dioxide pressure.  Collaborative work has demonstrated the feasibility of the Oxygense system, and has demonstrated the interest of world class researchers

The Oxygense technology meets a real clinical need.  There is no effective technology available to detect early onset of hemorrhagic shock.  Our technology provides actionable feedback, which gives clinicians the information needed to improve outcomes and to lower costs.

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